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If you want fake followers, you can easily get it, but you can follow these hacks if you want original Instagram followers. 

Now let us take an example here. Suppose you are a fitness trainer, and you are looking for an audience interested in fitness training.

So you can research your contestant's account by visiting his post and follow those who have liked his post.

These people are genuinely active users and can be converted for personal training programs.

Remember not to follow as many as you eat, because you are at a specific limit.

The Instagram algorithm is written so that if you follow several accounts daily, it will consider your account as a bot.

So follow 45-50 accounts daily to remove it and unfollow them after a while. This will quickly get you the specific audience you were looking for.

And also, make sure that you have at least 10-12 posts in your account. Otherwise, users will not be interested in following you.