How To Grow More Followers On Instagram Organically 2022

Earlier Instagram used to be a fun app for young children, but now Instagram becomes a serious content selling, marketing networking, and audience-building platform for individual people and companies. Instagram has now become the most popular social networking site on the planet.

Instagram now has over 200 million active users monthly. Instagram has a great
engagement than any other social media platform. If you want to increase Instagram followers, then you have to follow some unique and practical strategy which we already founded for you.

If your Instagram presence is good as you are hoping, then it's time to sharpen up your strategy to grow more followers on Instagram in 2021. The larger your audience grows, the more opportunity you will get like brand sponsorship, etc.

Some people are using some websites to increase their Instagram followers, but this method is a complete waste of time. Remember, those followers are fake followers.

If you want to
gain more followers on Instagram organically, follow the below-mentioned useful and practically proven methods to Increase Instagram followers.

Grow More Followers On Instagram

#1 Post Consistently (Important)

According To Tailwind Visual Marketing Tool, they studied on more than 100,000 Instagram account that How frequency affects follower growth and engagement rate.

They found that "the more often you post, the more followers and likes you will get." According to that study, If you post 7 or more posts in a week, you can increase Instagram followers.

#2 Post Videos, Live Video, and Instagram Story

First, Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform; then, Instagram provides many features like posting videos, live videos, Instagram stories, and the latest feature Instagram Reels.

According to research, videos can get more engagement than a photo on Instagram. If you post videos or Instagram Reels, it increases your chances of getting more engagement in your post. 57% of brands believe that Instagram Story is more effective.

Remember one thing if you post videos, reels, or stories, then don't forget to use Related Hashtag (#). It can boost your post reach.

#3 Collaborate with Others

Another best way to increase your follower is to collaborate with other Instagram users. You can collaborate either through sponsorships or partnerships.

If you do not know what collaboration is then remember it. Basically, collaboration means that you have to share each other's photos or videos on both of your profiles.

This is the best method and makes sure you must collab with your related account example - if you have a photography-related Instagram account, you should collab with a photography-related Instagram account.

#4 Use Quality Hashtag

This is the most important tips to increase Instagram Followers. If you choose Right Hashtag, then it can reach your photos and videos to the most massive audience.

A study on Instagram shows that Instagram posts with hashtags and location tags can get the highest audience engagement.

If you want to get instant followers and likes on Instagram, use related hashtags according to your post.

#5 Post At Your Best Time

There is not any universal best time to post our posts. It depends on your account. Every person has his or her own time to publish posts. If you are thinking, How can I found my best time to publish a post on Instagram?

This is very simple; you just have to publish your post at different times on a day. Try it for 7 days and notice which time you post photos or videos and get more likes and engagement. Remember that time and post your photos only at that time.

#6 Post Quality Content

If you want to get Instagram followers, then remember one thing, "content is the King." If you apply all these methods, but your content is poor, then no one will like to follow your account.

Ask yourself one question of how much value you are providing to your followers by your content. You can compare your content with other Instagram accounts related to yours.

Get knowledge to improve your content quality and style. Now every person wants to see quality content on every social media platform.

#7 Use Your Analytics

One of the key points is to post high-quality content that your followers will like. If you post content which the audience doesn't like, then your effort will completely waste. 

Now you are thinking about how to know which content will like my audience, don't worry, we found a solution.

There is no need to install any third party app Instagram app have already a feature called "Instagram Insights." To get this feature to follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app first.
  2. Go to your Instagram profile.
  3. Tap the Insights button.

Now you can see your post with an impression, which is very helpful. Research and find which topic/ which type of post getting high engagement. Then post this type of content, and you will see your Instagram account will grow rapidly.

#8 Engage Your Followers

Engaging your followers is very easy. You just have to follow some below-mentioned tips,

  • Share Instagram Story daily.
  • Ask questions by using polls and q&a session.
  • You can create a Giveaway contest.
  • You can talk about some trending topic on Live or story.

If you use these tips, then it can create big engagement on your profile, which will help you to grow faster than others.

#9 Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

There is a huge difference between an Instagram account, having fake and organic followers. If you have fake followers in a million, then these are waste followers; you will get low engagement in your profile.

Many people are blindly getting fake followers. Some Bollywood celebrities are also getting paid fake followers on Instagram account. If you are not a famous person in a country, then don't try to get fake followers.

#10 Promote Your Profile On Instagram

This is the last best method to get millions of followers in a very easy way. This method means you can promote your Instagram photo or videos by advertising on Instagram. 

This is an entirely legal method to promote your Instagram account. By using this method, many people s are getting followers in millions. 

So you can use this technique. But in this case, you have to pay some amount to Instagram for promoting your account. This is a paid, best, and effective method to Increase more followers on Instagram in 2021.

Warning! If you want to advertise your Instagram account, make sure you must put attractive photos or videos to create massive engagement. 

If you advertise your Instagram account but don't have quality content, this method will not benefit you.


We provided you with beneficial and practical techniques to get Instagram Followers. If you use all these 10 tips for Increase Instagram Followers, then you can gain followers in millions.

If you find this article helpful for you, so do not forget to share this article with your friends. If you have any questions and suggestions related to this article or any kind, then you can tell us by commenting without any hassle.

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