How To Spot Fake Followers on Instagram Easily (2022)

By definition, fake Instagram followers are fake or dead accounts and accounts from users in nations that have no compelling value to the profile.

The least complex approach to spot fake followers on
Instagram is to go into their list and look at the accounts.

Check out for profiles without a picture as their display photo, not many to no followers and additionally following, no posts, and furthermore private account.

Another marker is if followers have plainly made-up names, especially if their handles contain loads of numbers.

If there are tons of these accounts, it is very likely these are bots that have been purchased. The equivalent can be possible for likes and comments as well.

There is no reason for having numerous followers if they are negligible. The estimation of somebody’s social reach ought to be estimated by their commitment, not by the aggregate sum of followers.

Quality, not Quantity! See how connected the user’s devotees are. Are their followers commenting and loving posts? Are their followers a piece of the associate you are targeting?

Here are the ways to tell if somebody has fake followers: A sudden spike in followers, Low interaction with followers, Followers with no profile pics, etc.

#1 Look At Who They Engage With

If you have a follower who never interacts with you or anybody else at all, this is usually a bit of a red flag. You can spot fake followers on Instagram by whether or not they engage with others. 

Real people like to connect with other real people, so if you see an account that doesn’t seem to interact at all, it’s probably fake. 

Instagram has a wide range of communities for people with different interests, so if the account doesn’t appear to be part of any, then be cautious. The whole point of social media is to be social, after all!

#2 Read Their Bios

Bios on Instagram are there for people to let others know a little bit more about them. To spot fake followers on Instagram, or bots as they are sometimes known, you just need to check out their bio. 

Most real people will have a little something in there to explain a bit about themselves and their interests. 

Fake followers generally don’t put this information in, and it’ll either be blank or just a random series of letters or numbers that make absolutely no sense. 

Even shy people have at least something to say in their bios, so if there isn’t one, be wary!

#3 Look At The Number of People They Follow

Fake followers will follow a lot of people. These bots are designed to follow people in their thousands, which in itself isn’t always a bad thing.

Real people can follow lots of unique people too. But, you’ll notice that fake followers have thousands of people that they are following and very few followers. 

This is always a warning sign because if you’re on Instagram, you usually have interests or communities that you can connect with. Fake accounts don’t get followed back because everybody knows they aren’t real.

#4 Check Out Their Recent Posts

You can spot fake followers on Instagram pretty easily by simply looking at what they’ve posted lately.

Scroll down their timeline, and you’ll notice a very irregular pattern of posts.

Typically, these fake accounts might post one or two random things when they are first set up in order to avoid being flagged as inactive, and then they tend to stop posting anything at all.

Their sole purpose is to follow as many people as they can, so they aren’t too bothered about posting any content of their own. A lack of posts is always worrying.

#5 Check For Spammy Comments

Some bot accounts have actually evolved over the years on Instagram to try to make themselves look as though they are engaging with other people. 

The problem is, these fake accounts aren’t quite clever enough. Yes, they might be commenting almost daily on lots of people’s pictures, but their comments don’t always make sense, or they simply work off a script. 

If you notice an account that follows you commenting on everything you do with the same sorts of comments, such as “nice pic” or “good job,” they are going to be fake. 

Real people have interesting things to say, and if they’re going to bother commenting on your photos, they’ll usually have something specific to say. 

They might tell you that your picture is nice, but real people usually tell you why they like it so much.

#6 Look At Their Profile Picture

Most fake accounts on Instagram probably won’t even bother with a profile picture. If they don’t have one, it may be a sign that the account is fake.

Remember though, some people don’t have their pictures on Instagram for a variety of different reasons too, and they aren’t necessarily fake accounts. 

If you suspect that an account might be fake though, them not having a profile picture can be seen as more evidence that it isn’t real. 

Sometimes fake accounts will use a profile picture though, but these are always quite cat fishy. 

If their profile picture is of a model worthy standard, but they don’t engage with anybody or there are other red flags about their account, then they’re probably a fake follower. 

That’s not to say that attractive people don’t have Instagram, just that they usually have other signs that their account is real.


The idea of the internet implies things can not generally be fully trusted. Ongoing instances of Instagram hacking that include malignantly assuming control over an individual Instagram account stand demonstration of that.

Fake followers are easy to purchase and difficult to dispose of. Numerous Instagram users have discovered that cushioning their followings with paid accounts can assist them with bringing in cash as an influencer.

Nonetheless, this plainly subverts their legitimacy and impact. Manually checking followers for spam accounts and comments is a fast method to spot fake followers on Instagram.

While natural development is a great deal slower than purchasing followers, it’s a substantially more viable long haul technique.

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